Mission Statement

At Lifelonghealth Pilates I inspire and educate clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle based on the Pilates Method.  I support this pursuit through:

  1. Awareness of each individual’s aspirations,
  2. Professional, intelligent instruction, and
  3. Superior facilities in a private/welcoming environment.

My goal as a trainer:

To develope customized programs to meet the needs of every client to improve their condition, be it fitness or rehabilitation.  I integrate the Pilates method with Personal Training exercises to restore balance to the body.  This combination is safe and suitable for everyone from pregnant women to athletes.  It is an exercise therapy that is safe for joints, tendons, ligaments and spine.

My approach to physical fitness focuses on building a healthy, injury-free body.  Here you will learn and practice balanced exercise techniques for fitness, flexibility, toning and general body conditioning.  My desire is to create the ultimate personal training experience and address my clients’ physical needs and goals in a supportive and relaxed studio environment.

The result is a balanced and evenly conditioned body.