Personal Training

Personal Training is ideal for people who want to get faster results, have a very restricted schedule and need to fully maximize their exercise time. If you have difficulty getting results with other programs or can not seem to start and stick to an exercise program on their own, Personal Training is for you.

Your wellness/fitness goals are Nanette’s number one priority which is why you will begin your first session by answering a Personal Fitness Questionnaire. Together, you will also determine your health risks using Body Mass Index (BMI), Skin-Fold test and completing a Medical History Questionnaire. The combination of your health risks, BMI, fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and lifestyle habits will calculate your “health age” or inside body age. Your “health age” will serve as a baseline to help establish a road map for your personalized fitness program.

You will receive that one-on-one attention and support that can take your fitness to the next level. Each session will be full of variety with each exercise carefully chosen to cater to your specific needs.

As with all of Nanette’s Training sessions, she knows the importance of educating each client on how to exercise on their own and encouraging them to do so! Understanding the proper form while exercising and which exercise will target specific muscles is important for a safe and productive workout.