Each Pilates session will involve Matwork as well as use of the Original Pilates Apparatus. A basic knowledge of Pilates matwork is essential before progressing onto the equipment. Nanette will take each client through the Basic Principles of Pilates on their first session as well as a Fitness Profile.

Pilates Mat

Pilates exercises performed on a mat with a conscientious focus on body alignment and movement quality, which provide a balanced blend of strength and flexibility. Elastic bands, resistance rings, foam rollers and other small props are often utilized.


The Universal Reformer, known as the reformer, is the most popular piece of equipment and one of Joseph Pilates’s original inventions. He believed beginning exercise in the horizontal plane was important to relieve the stress and strain on the joints, and to align the body before adding additional gravitational forces through the central axis while standing, sitting or kneeling. Classically, there are more than a hundred movements created for the reformer, each dependent and built upon the other.


The original piece of equipment Joseph Pilates invented during his captivity, the massage and therapeutic table is known today as the Trap Table or Cadillac. Initially, the table was used therapeutically. In time, however, he developed the table to resemble a single four-poster bed with springs, wooden bars and hanging trapezes to challenge even the most fit. Concentration is a must in order to work your arms, legs, trunk and entire body against the various spring tensions and positions this equipment affords.


The Chair was invented as a result of Joseph Pilates’s observation of Chinese acrobatic maneuvers on a “box”—when turned over it doubles as an actual chair. Pure function. He had strong beliefs about how we should sleep and sit, and designed furniture accordingly. He considered modern chairs compromising to optimal internal functioning and posture. The Chair is often used for individual needs to challenge balance and strength as a student progresses from the introductory Pilates work.

Ladder Barrel

Joseph Pilates created numerous innovations for individuals with specific maladies. The Ladder Barrel was one of these innovations. He was highly concerned with the flexibility of the spine and the corresponding strength of the center. Consequently this equipment offers challenging abdominal exercises as well as flexibility movements that stretch and strengthen the entire body. Used for individual needs.

Spine Corrector

Utilized for individual needs, stretching, aligning and strengthening the spine. Relieves stiffness of the shoulders and hips as well as relieving common backaches and problems ailing the population today.