Molly, Mother of 4

I began seeing Nanette because I was having some neck stiffness and could not fully rotate my head.  I hadn’t had any injury and wanted to address the issue with a fitness professional before seeking any medical treatment.  I had no prior experience with Pilates but was curious and eager to give it a shot.  Nanette began with a full assessment of my physical strengths and weaknesses.  Her experience and knowledge base was impressive from the very beginning, as was her continual effort to stay current and informed on my progress.  Through her Pilates instruction I very quickly began to regain full rotation of my neck, and my entire body began to take on a leaner, stronger, longer feel and look.  One of the things I appreciated most about my sessions with her was that she always educated me as she worked with me, and I never asked a question she wasn’t able to answer or willing to investigate.  Never once did I fee she gave anything less than 100% in every department:  instruction, professionalism, encouragement and support.

Charles HIll, Newspaper Editor

Nanette is an extremely knowledgeable, caring, and personable Pilates instructor.  She has a complete understanding of exercise physiology, and helped me overcome chronic pain using exercise and stretching.  While under her care my flexibility and strength greatly improved, and I developed an overall healthier lifestyle.

Suellen, Retired Bank Administrator

Several years ago when I was in my early 60’s I realized that I needed a regular exercise program even
though I had a fairly active lifestyle. It had been over 10 years since I had participated in an aerobics
class and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up since most of the instructors and participants
were much younger. I noticed an ad for a Pilates personal trainer. I called and made an appointment
to learn more. That was when I met Nanette Watson. I signed up for one hour once a week and I am
so glad I did. That was over three years ago. Nanette taught me the correct way to do a variety of
exercises designed to stretch and strengthen my core muscles. The result has been that I have more
stamina, more flexibility, and a stronger core. Before, I often had back pain, but with the exercises,
that has greatly improved and now my clothes fit better too. I found Nanette to be highly qualified as
a Stotts Pilates trainer. She makes regular trips to New York to keep up with the latest methods and
maintain her certification. Her studio is well equipped. The best part is that she is such a nice person
and became a good friend. All of this made me look forward to my weekly trips to Pilates training. She
taught me well so that, since she moved to North Carolina, I have been able to continue exercising at
home. I would strongly recommend Pilates and especially Nanette as a trainer for anyone who wants
to become and remain physically fit. Nanette will work with you according to your ability and at your
own pace. She has clients who are much younger than I and also some that are even older than I am, so
there is no need to be afraid to try. You can do it!

D. S., Retired School Teacher

I am a 75 year old woman that suffers from fibromyalgia. Nanette has been a life-saver! I’ve been taking her Private Pilates classes since the Winter, 2006 and I find my flare-ups are now few and far between. I’m convinced that the stretching and strengthening of muscles is one reason for my relief. I also found that Pilates strengthened the muscles that support my back. I have not pulled a muscle or hurt my back since working with Nanette and learning Pilates. Even doing my gardening or work in the yard! That surely is a nice change! Nanette is exceptional in her knowledge of how the body works and the Pilates method. She has a way of gently encouraging you and makes you believe “you can do it!” One of her priorities in each session is to teach exercises you are able to do at home, and I continue to do those! Since she has moved away from Georgia, I miss her greatly but promise to keep up my Pilates at Home!

Getra, Development Executive

Being an executive in Atlanta, I was tired of the big Gym workout scene, but I needed instruction from an experienced trainer and a serious workout. I wanted to lose a few pounds, tone muscles, and find a workout routine that was fun! I found Nan!! Being in her studio setting and yet having all of the Pilates equipment was what I was looking for. It’s the only exercise session I have ever taken that is over before you know it! I lost lbs, inches and even looked forward to being at our next session. Pilates changed my body! Thank you Nan!

Sue, Hospital Administrator

With a busy schedule I had almost lost hope on ever getting fit again, but then I found Nanette!Through her one-on-one instruction, I learned what muscles I should be using when I exercise— and even throughout my work day. Pilates helped to reduce my stress by moving and breathingmore mindfully. Nanette encouraged me to become more aware of my food choices and adda Cardio workout to my routine. This actually did help me to lose weight and tone up morequickly!. She added a variety of tools to my workout at home to help avoid boredom such asbands and light weights. Working out with Nanette each week gave me the accountability thatI needed to get into a regular exercise routine. A year later, I am still doing Pilates, working out,and feeling great! Pilates is an exercise program that can be adapted to the needs of everyone’sfitness routine!